Business Planning

Here at The Timmermann Group, we offer a wide array of services to help business owners address their financial needs at every stage of the business life cycle. Taking into account their personal values and financial goals, we create and execute customized strategies to help entrepreneurs meet their objectives. Some of our key services are detailed below.

Executive Benefits

The success of most businesses is tied into the talent, passion and work ethics of their key executives. Executive benefit packages can help you attract, motivate and retain high-caliber employees, plus keep your company healthy and stable. We can help you with funding non-qualified plans, supplemental employee retirement plans, split dollar plans and more.

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows owners to leave their business on their own timeframe while preparing their company to be transferred to family members, key employees, an outside party or even a charity. This must be done in a way that achieves personal financial security, maintains harmony and achieves maximum value for the business.

Key Person Insurance

When speaking with business owners, usually the most valuable asset in the entire company is the one in the pair of shoes talking to us. It’s the same person who signed the bank note and makes the biggest daily decisions. Key person insurance offers a death benefit that helps indemnify an employer for the loss of one of its most important assets - the key person. This can shore up the balance sheet, assure continuity of the business for employees, customers and creditors, and protects against losses in sales, momentum and credit. It can also be used to assist with recruiting and developing a replacement.

Funding Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy–sell agreement is a legally binding agreement between co-owners of a business that governs the situation if a co-owner dies or leaves the business, whether by force or by choice. A funded cross-purchase buy-sell plan utilizes life insurance to help ensure the arrangement is properly funded so there will be money when the event is triggered. The day the partner is gone is the day money is needed for the surviving family members to fund the buy out agreement. When properly funded with life insurance, confidence is built and anxiety reduced.

Funding Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation is a written agreement between an employer and an employee where the employee chooses to have part of his or her compensation withheld by the company, invested on their behalf, and distributed back to them at a pre-determined point in the future. Deferred compensation can be used as a flexible way to attract and incentivize key employees.