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Micro vs Macro Advising

You're probably like most people we meet every day. You've already done some good planning.

Micor vs Macro

You have created long term relationships with trusted advisors, became friends with them, and do activities together. But for some reason or the other, there always seems to be a lot of talk about what should be done, but the big picture never gets done. No one alone is getting the job done for you. No one is taking the "Bull by its Horns."

To assist with financial decisions, you've aligned yourself with various Micro-Advisors. These Micro-Advisors are specialists in their particular area of expertise. Without a Macro-Advisor, a Big-Picture Specialist, you alone are left with the responsibility of tying all your financial decisions together.

This alone presents huge problems. Conflicting opinions creates chaos and confusion in the planning process. We've found no one implements complex planning techniques without confidence. You are busy with a career and family responsibilities and, like many, have neither the time nor the expertise to evaluate advisors' capabilities in each area.

In the end, always asking yourself, is my Micro-Advisor's advice best for me or best for him? Then we PIT one advisor's advice against another. How does a SOLUTION that feels hopelessly complicated become a RESULT? Fear can resolve itself if we know the TRUTH and have CONFIDENCE in our self. The goal is to discover objectives, build confidence, and reduce anxiety. Planning is not about planning. Planning is about implementation.

Our presence serving as the Macro-Advisor, the Big Picture Specialist, is to bring clarity. We crystalize goals and objectives about what is important to you about each financial decision. We lead your team of advisors so they coordinate together, focus in the same direction, and work in a holistic fashion.

As the Big Picture Specialists, we don't want the credit, we just want the creditability of being on the team. The addition of our expertise in wealth creation, distribution, and conservation strategies should improve the overall performance of your plan.