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Our Philosophy

At The Timmermann Group, we have been helping clients conserve wealth
and protect hard-earned assets for over 35 years.

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We work with successful business owners and professionals. Business owners make complex decisions about the growth, security, and continuity of assets and depend on us to help them achieve their objectives and long-term goals.

Advanced Estate Planning is much like a chess match with the IRS. The pieces are your assets. You and your family win by keeping what you desire and transferring to your family as many of the “extra” pieces as possible.

The IRS is your opponent, trying to capture as many pieces (assets) as they can in the form of various taxes during your lifetime and upon your death. Most people feel powerless playing against this monolith.

My planning team's job is to empower and assist you and your family in retaining as many of these assets as possible by utilizing them to fully meet your own needs, then moving the excess assets safely past the IRS and directing them to whom you desire and in the manner you wish.

The chess piece is a..."white knight"...While each chess piece moves in a different manner, most pieces move linearly. The ..."white knight"... is different and has very unique moves when used skillfully and strategically. It can be extremely effective in protecting other valuable chess pieces, especially the..."King and Queen." In chess, the player with the "white" pieces is allowed the first move, taking action for themselves.