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Thinking Beyond

Thinking Beyond...

...The Traditional


...Capital Gains Taxes

...Your Own Lifetime

...Your Own Family

Many Estate Planning professionals practice within a very narrow framework and, consequently, only achieve limited success in accomplishing all of the client's goals and objectives. The Timmermann Group, on the other hand, doesn't allow itself to be bound by conventional wisdom. We are continually working to stay on the cutting edge of financial advice, which requires us to constantly be...Thinking Beyond.

"Thinking Outside the Box - True Brainstorming - Spontaneity - Originality - Inspiration - Connecting Thoughts and Ideas - Helping You Discover the Unexpected"

Our firm does not limit itself to only the common and traditional approaches to wealth accumulation and estate planning. We bring numerous unique and innovative methods and options to the table as well. Introducing such powerful, but often neglected, methods and techniques enables us to achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

"A Blank Canvas - Approaching things from a fresh perspective - Considering the options - Weighing the possibilities - Envisioning the potential"

At death, a significant portion of your family wealth must be relinquished to support the general welfare of our country, what we call your Social Capital. Fortunately, the IRS gives you a choice for distributing this Social Capital via Involuntary Philanthropy (taxes) or Voluntary Philanthropy (giving).

With creative planning, there are techniques that can be utilized to maximize the amount of wealth that passes to your family and minimize the amount that is paid in taxes. The family wealth leverage achieved here is both incredibly powerful and extremely satisfying.

"Blue Sky - No-holds-barred thinking - Uninhibited imagination - Think - Wonder - What if? - Helping you recognize your opportunities - Explaining your options - As limitless as the sky."

A "looming" tax that is constantly hindering people from freely repositioning their assets and allowing them to earn the highest possible return on their investments is the Capital Gains Tax. Tragically, many people do not know that there are ways to minimize the amount of Capital Gains Tax that must be paid. We can, along with your tax advisor, work with you to put into place strategies that may be able to help reduce the amount of Capital Gains Taxes that must be paid now and in the future. These techniques create powerful, new investment possibilities.

"Vision - We help you see the big picture - Perpetuating your hopes, dreams, and ideals - Establishing your legacy - Considering your family's future - Visionary thinking."

Most people's children are the primary objects of their life’s work. Unfortunately, very few parents have taken the time to seriously consider and effectively plan for how to best transfer their family wealth to their heirs so as to bless them and not ruin them.

Our firm can help you decide from the multiple possibilities how to appropriately structure the distribution of your family wealth to do the greatest good for those you love.

During our Discovery Process, we can help you identify your life’s purpose and establish family goals. We express your developed objectives in a written family mission statement. Lastly, we enable you to establish your legacy for your lifetime and for generations to come.

"Foresight - Helping you focus your thinking - Looking beyond yourself - Contemplating the possibilities - Catching the vision - Seeing the good you can do."

Many wealthy Americans have not typically made philanthropy a major part of their lives, generally for three main reasons: they do not consider themselves wealthy enough to give a major portion of their wealth away to charity, they are not interested in reducing their current lifestyle and they do not want to diminish their inheritances to their children.

What you may not realize is by going through our personalized results driven process, we can look for ways to help make philanthropy part of your future plans while also working to preserve your wealth for your family. This is the part of the wealth advisory process that’s both fulfilling and exciting.